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About Us


SeaShell is a local family business that we started because we believe that care and care providers are undervalued; something which has been especially highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  We want to enhance the traditional domiciliary care model to improve the quality of care provided and the carer's career, whilst making a positive impact on our local community.

Our parents have worked in healthcare in the local area for most of their lives so we both grew up in environments focused on providing quality care and have seen the impact and benefit this has on an individual's quality of life.

Whilst all environments have their benefits, care in your own home (domiciliary care) is the only environment which allows truly bespoke care.  The longer we can facilitate independent living, the greater the level of comfort for each client and the less demand placed on the NHS.  By starting SeaShell, we want to make outstanding care the norm that it should be.

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Why SeaShell?

Industry Leading Expertise

  • Sean (co-owner and care manager) has worked in community care in the area for over ten years.

  • Our Advisory Board is made up of local senior healthcare professionals who have more than 130 years of combined experience.

Exceptional Care and Carers

  • Our care calls are for a minimum of one hour and we co-ordinate all care needs to ensure we deliver a thoughtful and holistic service.

  • Our carers benefit from a comprehensive learning and development programme, a structured career path and are rewarded with a market leading rate of pay and profit-sharing scheme.

Community Commitment

  • We believe quality care should be accessible for all, which is why we have committed a portion of out profits to free end-of-life care for those in need.

Patient and Nurse

How Can SeaShell Help Me?

You might have had an operation which means you need a little extra help with getting ready, housework or shopping.  Or you fancy going for lunch or a walk and you want a companion.  Or you may have a life changing illness or condition such as dementia which means you need more support.  Whatever your reason, we are here to provide as much or as little support as needed to facilitate your independence, and your comfort, in your home.

We believe that domiciliary care is the only environment which allows truly bespoke consistent care with flexibility that preserves your independence.  You can pick the frequency of your calls and what you want help with.  Most of out clients start out with a little support which can develop into more regular care as their needs change, but ultimately you are in charge of your care.

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